Original blue Thin fin, excellent for walleye


The BAITFISH spinner from Northland mounted with a 3/4 oz weigh with a minnow, a leech (single hook # 4), or a worm (double hook # 2 and # 4). Is probably the best lure for walleye at Cabonga


Perch is a meal of choice for all species present in the Cabonga. Favored the matte colors as proposed by LiveTarget due to the clarity of the water.

 hot n tot

On hot sunny days and at dusk, the Hot N Tot triggers Ferocious attacks. I prefer the one of 2 inches, gold and black color (yellow black back), blue and red (blue scale red lip) or silver and black (silver black back) to try the Pike also.


Less well-known, the Buck-Shot glider spoon 3/8 oz, hook # 6 by Northaland used in the vertical jigging is very surprising in its results

Lake Trout


The Live Target Dace color 251 Natural / black red belly: This very effective lure is very similar to the forage fish of the Cabonga.


Rapala Silver Flash Deep TailDancer 3 1/2 inches or 4 3/8 inches versatile and effective


The Live target Yearling YJB95S 3 1/4 inch. Added to a downrigger or leaded line, the lake trouts cannot resist




The Rapala Skitter pop SP09LF reproduces a frog. Very effective for surface attacks


The Zara Spook with the "Walk the Dog" technique will give you strong palpitations with incredible surface attacks